Verein Niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen e.V. (VNB)


The VNB (Association of Education Initiatives in Lower Saxony)  is an officially acknowledged state-wide adult and youth education institution, and an umbrella organisation with a network of more than 200 education partners. Major topics in our educational work are of public, social and political interest, such as migration and integration, sustainable development, family and intergenerational education, gender and LGBT*I education, global learning, and many more, implemented on regional, national and transnational level.

We has a special interest in developing innovative initiatives for a diverse and inclusive education, addressing young and adult learners as well as staff members in adult and vocational education. The VNB promotes diversity as a fundamental approach to equal opportunities for all.

VIFIN, Videnscenter for Integration


Videnscenter for Integration, or VIFIN, is a knowledge and development center under the municipality of Vejle in Denmark. In Vejle Municipality’s organization, VIFIN belongs to the Department for Education & Learning in the Child and Youth Administration.

Vejle Municipality established VIFIN in 2002 with the aim of creating a knowledge center that gathers and processes knowledge, but also develops and implements projects and activities, in the area of ​​integration. 

VIFIN’s core competence in integration is the development of digital materials for teaching Danish as a second language. Over the years, we have expanded our competencies, which today extend beyond integration and language learning and include smart learning and educational innovation with digital tools more generally. We also work with activities and projects within smart city, resilience and sustainability. 

VIFIN primarily solves its tasks through projects funded by EU or ministerial pools and through revenue-driven business. We see ourselves as a combination of a knowledge center, project organization and consultancy.

Centre for the Advancement of Research and Development in Educational – Technology (CARDET)


CARDET is one of the leading research and development centres in the Mediterranean region with global expertise in project design and implementation, capacity building, and e-learning. CARDET is independently affiliated with universities and institutions from around the world, such as Yale University, the University of Nicosia and the International Council of Educational Media. CARDET has completed numerous projects relating to the development of capacity building and planning in education and VET, youth support, adult learning, literacies, digital tools, eLearning, educational technology, and social integration of marginalized groups. One of our core strengths is our ability to carefully plan, implement, execute and evaluate projects in various contexts.

uniT – Verein für Kultur an der Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz


uniT was founded in 2000 and has two main fields of activities:

In KUNSTLABOR GRAZ artists are committed to promoting an inclusive society. They work with marginalized groups (young people, people with migration experience, senior citizens). Kunstlabor Graz engages in everyday life, gets involved in social and educational matters, intervenes and generates participation. Space is created, where people can express their uniqueness, where pleasurable encounters take place, and where people work, live, learn together in an artistically active way.

For more than ten years the results of our artistic work have been presented in numerous performances and exhibitions and have received major response from the audience.

From the beginning, KUNSTLABOR GRAZ has worked internationally and is constantly involved in EU-projects.

The DRAMA FORUM promotes the production of contemporary dramatic texts. More on:

Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci”


The Centre for Creative Development “Danilo Dolci” is a non-profit association involving young people and adults, which mainly acts through projects in the educational field carried out in cooperation with schools, universities, institutions, associations and social groups both at local and international level. Our organisation born from the educational and working experience of the great pacifist Danilo Dolci and his collaborators that operated in Trappeto and Partinico, two small towns near Palermo, and in all the region of Sicily.