The Project

“Building Social Bridges by Entrepreneurial Thinking” aims at facilitating and paving the way for sustainable social inclusion among socially marginalized groups through improving their entrepreneurial mindset and competences. The project focuses on increasing social capital which often goes hand in hand with the increasing of cultural and economic capital. Social capital has commonly been used as a term to characterize the networks that link people together in useful ways (bridging capital) and build reciprocity and social solidarity through shared norms and loyalties (bonding capital). Social capital is a constructive source of participation and community relations; thus it is an important resource for adult learners aiming at better accessing labour market, local communities and social groups. The main strategy to achieve this goal is to work with role models – preferable role models who have faced challenges comparable to those the learners are facing. Role models will be people who achieved to build social bridges against all the external circumstances and obstacles.


The project resulted in the following achievements that can be used to promote entrepreneurial thinking and to foster social capital:

A review on recent research of good practice

in working on the entrepreneurial mindset and competences and of working with role models.

Portraits of role models for entrepreneurial thinking

highlighting why people have had success and have been able to increase their social capital.

A toolkit for teachers, trainers, stakeholders and multipliers

from adult learning institutions and other educational / social sectors.