The project resulted in the following achievements that can be used to promote entrepreneurial thinking and to foster social capital:

A review on recent research of good practice

in working on the entrepreneurial mindset and competences and of working with role models.

Portraits of role models for entrepreneurial thinking

21 portraits and videos of role models for entrepreneurial thinking, highlighting why people have had success and have been able to increase their social capital. These role models will come out of the beneficiary groups of the project. At the end there will be portraits and descriptions of these role models and their secrets, accessible for the public and portraits and videos can be used for educational activities, aiming at fostering entrepreneurial thinking and social capital.

A toolkit for teachers, trainers, stakeholders and multipliers

from adult learning institutions and other educational / social sectors, presenting the training programme developed in the project together with the training methodologies applied by the partners, and learning experiences made by participants.

Also available in: IT / DA / EL / DE